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Basic Instructions

Basic Instructions

Detailed Instructions


Malt Malt Produced by barley farms; Used by brewing kettles
Hops Hops Produced by hops farms; Used by brewing kettles
Water Water Produced by water pumps; Used by brewing kettles
Wort Wort Produced by brewing kettles; Used by fermentation tank
Kegs Kegs Produced by fermentation tank; Used by bottling line
Bottles Bottles Produced by bottling line; Used by crate filling machine
Crates Crates Produced by crate filling machine; Gives you 60 coins


    Cost Power Function Function cycle time Storage
Barley farm
Barley farm Price5 Power-1 produces  1×Malt 10 seconds 3 Malt
Hops farm
Hops farm Price5 Power-1 produces  1×Hops 10 seconds 3 Hops
Water pump
Water pump Price10 Power-5 produces  1×Water 5 seconds 5 Water
Brewing kettle
Brewing kettle Price30 Power-8 Malt
Hops  produces  1×Wort
10 seconds 5 Malt
5 Hops
5 Water
1 Wort
Fermentation tank
Fermentation tank Price25 Power-2 Wort  produces  1×Keg 20 seconds 1 Wort
3 Keg
Generator Price10 Power+40 produces  Power +40 n/a n/a
Bottling line
Bottling line Price20 Power-6 Keg  produces  1×Bottles 2 seconds 3 Keg
2 Bottles
Crate filling machine
Crate filling machine Price30 Power-6 Bottles  produces  1×Crate 3 seconds 4 Bottles


Production time



Created by Henry Raymond for Ludum Dare 27 - Make sure you have JavaScript enabled. - Download Source here